Rail and Sail

Can I take a bicycle with me on my trip?


Restrictions non-folding bikes on peak services for the comfort and safety of all passengers, only folded cycles can be accommodated during busy times. This applies to the following Stratford and London Liverpool Street station services:


These restrictions apply Monday to Friday, except Bank Holidays.

AM – any trains arriving at Stratford or Liverpool Street between 0745 and 0945*

PM – any trains departing from Stratford or Liverpool Street between 1630 and 1830*


* Except for reserved spaces on Norwich to/from Liverpool Street services.  On the West Anglia region this applies to services south of Broxbourne only.


London Liverpool Street - Norwich Intercity Services


  • Free of charge
  • Reservations in advance are compulsory
  • Six dedicated bicycle spaces are available in the Guard’s van.


The Guard’s van will be locked 3 minutes before departure time from London Liverpool Street and Norwich. Please arrive in good time to make sure your cycle is safely on board by then.