Do I need to change my Internet settings to be able to book online?


The web browser on you computer must be configured to accept cookies, otherwise you will be unable to register or log in.  Stena Line use cookies to secure your identity while you are connected to us, but you can be assured that no data about your session is saved permanently in the cookie.


To enables cookies on your computer, you need to use Internet.  You should click on tools link found in the top navigation of you internet browser, then choose Internet options and then privacy.  Click on advanced privacy and you will open a cookie settings page.  Activate cookie handling by checking the appropiate bcheck box.


The "Always allow session cookies" check box should be clicked.  If you have advanced security settings on your computer, your browser will not allow Java script from other domains, meaning that these settings will prevent our booking system from loading.  Should you experience problems while loading the booking dialogue, you need to add as a secure site. 


In Internet Explorer, this is done under:


Tools > Internet Options : Security tab > Trusted sites > click the "Sites" button. 

Add to trusted sites. 


Please note that the "Require server verification (https:)..." box must not be checked. If you have additional privacy/security software installed such as Norton or Symantec you must also add the address above as a trusted site.