Booking Confirmation

I didn't get a confirmation email, is my reservation still valid?


If Stena Line are experiencing problems with their software system responsible for sending e-mail confirmations, then this means that no e-mail confirmation will be sent even though the reservation is safe. Should this happen, then the emails will be queued up for sending later. 


It is more likely that the e-mail has become stuck somewhere along they way to your email inbox.  It is very rare that Internet mail actually disappears.  To check your reservation, log into your "My Bookings" option in the top navigation on the homepage. If you don't find your reservation in the list, please contact our Customer Services Team on + 44 1255 202 345.


You will need to quote your e-mail address and the booking reference number to be able to trace your reservation.  Also, please consider the possibility that your mailbox is full.  If this is the case, your mailbox will not accept any new e-mails until it has been cleared.