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Will my credit card data be kept secure?


We use strong encryption, SSL, which is built into the your web browser on your computer, together with a security certificate on our server, making the card payment page extremely secure.


In our reservation dialogue, an i-frame is used to prevent browsers from displaying the padlock security symbol or "https" in the url / address bar. The security of the page is not compromised by this and all the necessary security systems have been put in place for any reservations made online.


If you would like to check the security of our website and the card payment page, you should right click on the reservation and select "Properties".  You can also see that our reservation system is encrypted and for extra information, you can click on the VeriSign security logo to read the validity details of the certificate responsible for the encryption.


When completing the reservation, you will notice a "Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code" payment systems which has been put in place to help protect customers.


Visa and MasterCard have developed and extremely secure solution which has now become a standard all merchants will have to comply to. This new security solution for card payments made online verifies the identification of the cardholder.